Видеоруководство по монтажу

Видеоруководство по эксплуатации

Scaner Colposcope MK-300

Application. For the gynecologist’s office.

The optical system. Apochromatic optics with multilayer antireflex coating.All lenses and prisms are made of optic glass, produced by German company “SCHOTT”.Converged optical scheme provides an excellent stereoscopic image.

Illuminator. High-brightness LED of 3 W. provides spectrum resembles that of the daylight with high level of investigated area.LED source of light is situated at the colposcope head.The four-lens condenser forms a spot of light up to 60000 Lux with perfect uniformity over the entire area of view . Guarantees contrast and accuracy of tiny details

Tripod. Compact, robust, with comfortable levers bearing on the go. Friction handles soft and fast fixing of the optical head in position. Self-guiding wheels with rubber braking system.

Options which can be ordered. Digital video system complete with specialized software «MEDVisor EVA».

The digital video system. It is designed to view real-time color image of the study area on a display of the computer, video recording and colpopictures. Transfered picture coincides completely with the picture seen through the eyepieces. The picture can be transmitted to the second monitor to the gynecological armchair for the demonstration of the patient. Video system is supplied with a specialized software “MEDVisor EVA” for documentation of the gynecological examinations.

Colposcope “Scaner MK-200” received a certificate of the European Union on CE labeling

Guarantee – 5 years.

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