Microscope Diagnostic «CALIPSO» VD 500-DENTAL

Application. Diagnostics, small dental surgery, neurosurgery, otolaryngology and other areas of surgery.

The optical system. Apochromatic optics with multilayer coating antirefleksnym. All lenses and prisms are made of high quality glass manufactured by Schott (Germany). Wide-angle eyepieces 12,5 H with increased removal of exit pupil.

Light Source. The powerful light-emitting diodes (LED) with a spectrum close to natural light, and a high level of illumination. Low heat, high safety and reliability. It improves contrast and sharpness of fine details. Pyatilinzovy condenser forms the light spot to the brightness of more than 60000 lux with perfect uniformity across the entire field of view. Automatic switching off lights in the derivation of the optical head in the non-working area.

Tripod. Floor-resistant, self-directed with rubberized wheels with braking system and pantograph arm on a modern gas spring. Available for a tripod with a ceiling or wall mount.

Light filter. Orange, prevents premature photopolymerization, easy input and output of the visual field or green to enhance the contrast of blood vessels.

Video recording and video transmission. Instead of the regular video microscope can be equipped with optical adapters for connecting cameras and camcorders.

A mobile phone with SOVA (Special On View Application) installed can be used for video recording. You can install the application from Google Play or the App Store. Personal data obtained through the SOVA program is in no way received, processed or stored by the Scanner Company, as declared in the Privacy Policy in the SOVA mobile phone camera visual display program. The document is in the “Documentation” section

Features. High reliability, ergonomic design, comfort and ease of maintenance, a large number of degrees of freedom.

Guarantee – 5 years.

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