10 good reasons why to choose colposcope MK-200 and MK-300 which is ideal

Innovation distinguishes our colposcopes. Meet 10 good reasons why to choose colposcope model MK-200 and MK-300 which is ideal for the most demanding specialists.

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S.I. Rogovskaya.

"Colposcopy and radiowave surgery in the management of cervical pathology"

The frequency of malignant cervical lesions worldwide remains high. Unfortunately, cervical cancer becomes younger. The main thing that changed the modern conception of the disease is a discovery of the role of human papillomavirus as the etiological factor in the genesis of cervical cancer.

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"How to choose a colposcope?"

A colposcope is an expensive medical device for a long-term use.
If you decided to purchase a colposcope, it is desirable to find the time to determine what class of the colposcope you need (expert, standard or economy). Your choice should be based on the tasks which a doctor intends to resolve by means of the colposcope and what finances you have.

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Bebneva T.N., Rogovskaya S.I.

"The modern concept of the organization of the office of cervical pathology"

Insufficient or missing measures for the early detection of precancerous processes and cancer of the cervix, poor material and technical base of medical institutions are the primary reasons for the high levels of cancer. The event, aimed at preventing cervical cancer, a significant role for the improvement of work and complete modern equipment gynecological surgeries and surgeries of cervical pathology.

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Center colposcopy, Krasnodar

"The minimum requirements for specialists in colposcopy"

Guide kolposkopista, the list of necessary knowledge and basic manipulation of the patient during the inspection. Requirements for determination of diagnoses, treatment and mandatory assignment documenting the results of inspections.

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S. I. Rogovskaya

"New in colposcopy"

Colposcopy - high-quality, widely available and inexpensive method for diagnosing diseases of the cervix, vagina, vulva, which greatly improves the efficiency of screening women with gynecological diseases.

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