Видеоруководство по монтажу

Видеоруководство по эксплуатации

Scaner Colposcope MK-200 digital video system

Application. For the room of the uterus cervix pathology.

The optical system. Apochromatic optics with multilayer antireflex coating.All lenses and prisms are made of glass of the highest quality, produced by German company “SCHOTT”. A wideangle eyepieces 12,5X with the increased removal of the exit pupil.

Illumination. Super bright led of 10 W is integrated in the optical head of the colposcope.The five-lens condenser forms spot of light with the illumination of more than 60 000 Lux. with perfect uniformity over the entire area

The optical head. Ergonomic handles switching magnification, fine focus knob, handle smooth change of interpupillary distance, conveniently located plate O green filter button for kolposnimkov. Equipped with special holes to allow mounting of attachments.

Tripod. Compact, robust. Equipped with a spring arm pantograph and self-directed rubberized wheels with breaking system. Axis on needle bearings and bearing. Friction handle levers for fixing and the optical head in position. Possibility of delivery with fastening to a chair.

Functions: button for the receiving of colposcopic pictures. Handle of the fine focusing, ergonomic handles of switching of the magnification, the plate of input-output of green light diode is located conveniently,a handle of a smooth variation of interpupillary distance,locking lever breaks all the rotation axes of the colposcope simultaneously which allows fixing the optical head quickly to prevent the random displacement, fixation of diopter ring of eyepiece, handle of smooth adjustment of light intensity.

Design. The ergonomic, modern.

Additional options that you can order.

  • lens with a variable focal length 200-400 mm.
  • lens with 300 mm focus, eyepieces 16X,
  • photo adapters to connect cameras and camcorders Sony and Canon.
  • the tripod with the fastening to the gynecological armchair, shelf for the notebook with a system of levers fixed on a tripod of the colposcope (for operational work with the software and demonstration of the pictures to the patient),
  • front control knobs of the colposcope head with the function of changing the angle as an option;

The digital video system. It is designed to view real-time color image of the study area on a display of the computer, video recording and colpopictures .The picture coincides completely with the picture seen through the eyepieces. The picture can be transmitted to the second monitor to the gynecological armchair for the demonstration of the patient. Video system is supplied with a specialized software “MEDVisor EVA” for documentation of the gynecological examinations.

Guarantee – 5 years.



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