Software MEDVisor-EVA

The first professional software in the world for gynecologists who work with colposcopes.Have been developed by the specialists gynecologists based on the colposcopy classification adopted in 2011 in Rio de Janeiro. It is designed to optimize, accelerate and simplify the work of a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

The software contains 4 protocols:

  • General gynecological examination;
  • Colposcopy;
  • Vulvoscopy;
  • Vaginoscopy.

Technical ability of the software:

  • Automatic creation of patient data base with colposcope pictures and reports, Automated choice of colposcopic conclusion on the ground of the gravest colposcopy feature;
  • Automated search for a clinical diagnosis according to the International Classification of Diseases 10;
  • Possibility for several doctors to use the device with their personal passwords with own settings and data base;
  • Automated patient search by their names, date of birth, diagnosis or treatment;
  • Automated creation and printing of reports with a hospital logo, colposcope pictures and all forms filled in concerning the case history, tests, colposcopy diagnosis, conclusions and recommendations;
  • Accurate diagnosis can be demonstrated to the patient. Her snaps can be compared with the pictures from a colposcopy atlas which is supplied with the software for free (180 classic pictures classified according to the pathologies and supplied with explaining figures and commentary);
  • Treatment dynamics can be demonstrated to the patient when her snaps from previous examinations are shown;
  • Creation of an individual colposcopy atlas which is classified according to diagnoses;
  • Creation of personal libraries of standard diagnoses, conclusions and recommendations with view of speeding-up the filling in the forms;
  • Automated identification and marking of linear dimensions and area of affected regions at colposcopy pictures, representation of colposcopy mesh and inscriptions;
  • Creation of statistic reports concerning the diagnosis and treatment for any specified period and according to any age groups;
  • Video recording of therapeutic or surgical procedures;
  • “Secretary” function to create a temporary patient card and set the date and time of an appointment.

The software is available in Russian, Ukrainian, English, Polish and Kazakh.


The software is delivered complete with a USB key to prevent an unauthorized access.

Computer requirements:

Operating systems:
Windows XP Service Pack 2, 3 (SP2, SP3)/Windows Vista/ Windows 7/
Windows 8/8.1;
Processor: 1 GHz (2.0 GHz or more is recommended);
Random access memory: 512 Mb or more;
Two free USB 2.0 ports;


End User License Agreement

End User License Agreement

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