The equipment of the French company Delmont is a complex solution for safe and high-quality hysteroscopy.

From the first days of its work, Delmont pays special attention to the quality of its products and its compliance with the highest standards of CE (MDD 93/42) and ISO 13485: 2016.

At the time of its inception, Delmont imaging established a Scientific Council to manage its research work. The Scientific Council consists of prominent surgeons from different countries, led by Professor Hervé Fernandez, Chairman of the Kremlin-Bicȇtre France.

Delmont Mission imaging is about improving the treatment of any patient, regardless of age and prospects, by providing professionals with innovative, effective and less traumatic solutions.

Delmont products meet the general trends of outpatient surgery, namely the concept of “See & Treat”.

Small diameter of tubes, high quality of tools with graduation – an advantage of the See & Treat concept that allows to carry out manipulations easily and effectively.

Precise movements – fast result – satisfied patient!

Delmont offers two correct integrated solutions:

Easy Care– for office hysteroscopy. The thickness of the outer operating tube is 5.5 mm.

Reasy Care– for office hysteroresectoscopy. Bipolar resectoscope with a thickness of the external operating tube of 6 mm.

Optics – The latest generation of lenses designed to take advantage of HD provides detailed and perfectly clear images. High resolution and uniform light distribution provide great depth of field and exceptionally clear images.

Cell – uses a CMOS HD sensor with more than 2 million pixels.

Light– the most modern LED technology that provides exceptional light output even when using small diameter optics. Thanks to the color temperature, which is close to daylight, the most accurate color reproduction is obtained.

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